Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Go Streaking!

Dating back to last season, the Houston Texans have eleven consecutive times played the "Most Important Game in Franchise History". That streak continues against the visiting San Diego Chargers this Sunday at Reliant Stadium.

If Houston wins, the streak will continue to grow and include the next week's road game against division-rival Jacksonville Jaguars. If the Texans lose, the trip to Florida will be just another game for just another mid-level / bottom-feeder team rounding out the 32 organizations in the NFL.

The underlying identifying feature of the Houston Texans has for the past four years been a team that fails to deliver on the promise of its talent and resources. Performance on the field and coaching from the sidelines and booth continues to fall far short of expectations, but fans' faith and good will has always managed to endure. A loss this Sunday in front of the Texans faithful and they fall to .500 at 4 - 4, with the rest of their division and league smelling blood from a future victim, regardless of where they play.

On the other hand, a home win this Sunday would bolster the Houston Texans' record to 5 - 3, with hope they can then go on the road to secure a very respectable 6 - 3 with a road win against the Jaguars. Follow that up with a little magic on the road against the Jets, and a 7 - 3 Texans team is right in the mix to make the playoffs. I'm not unaware that I've just called for three consecutive wins (two on the road, no less), a winning streak 50% longer than the only other one they've had in 2010, but...

Keep the streak of "Most Important Game in Franchise History" alive!

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