Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brett Favre's Streak Set to Roll Over to Zero

America has long had a curious and obsessive compulsion with a dynamic I call "The Rolling Over of The Odometer."

Remember as a youth the long road trips in the Pontiac with your family? Between moments of your mom and dad regretting having you and you praying a bolt of lightning would strike the car and incapacitate your parents and bratty little sister, there were intermittent periods where the family came together and enjoyed otherwise typically inane occurrences and observations. You know...cows, out of state license plates, look!...more cows.

But every now and then there was a moment that stood head and shoulders above all others: The Rolling Over of The Odometer! Some of these were bigger than others, but at times they were truly momentous: as many as 5 new zeroes rolling over and dropping into place in a ballet of coordinated synchronicity unchallenged by the most gentle of snowfalls, and every bit as silent and beautiful. And "Oh, The Horror!" of a "near miss" should you momentarily become distracted and miss the milestone, even if only sometimes by as little as 1/10th of a mile!

The end of the record streak of 291 (315 including playoffs) consecutive games started by Brett Favre means the rolling over of the odometer of both the career of one of pro football's most iconic figures and one of the sport's most hallowed records. It will be interesting to reflect on the content and context of the moment as it relates to all those leading up to it...and then it will be gone!

This Sunday will likely be the first time Brett Favre does not start a consecutive game in 20 years! But the moment will arrive and evaporate every bit as quickly as we admittedly probably over-zealously anticipate it. That's not to say it won't be great theater. It may even deserve, I suppose, all the fuss marking the end of a period of great achievement. But it will pass and be gone forever, with nothing remaining but fresh zeroes against the dash and time to settle back into your seat, wondering what will hold your attention next on this long road-trip we call being a sports fan.

Don't miss it!

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