Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Houston Texans The Fantastiks of the AFC South

The Paper Texan wrote this Summer that Houston Texans fans could expect a 7-1 start that would then be met with some pretty tough sledding in the form of a rough 2-5 stretch before winning their final game of the regular season at home against Jacksonville for a franchise best 10-6 record and Wild-Card Playoff Berth. Of course that first half prediction was based on beating Dallas week #3, but hey, I'm the Paper Texan...not the Paper Perfect!

I'm thinking that 2nd half of the season tough sledding of 2-5 looks as likely to be 4-3 with a split against consecutive road opponents Jags (W) and Jets (L) and a couple of victories as they host the Titans (W) and are rude guests in Philly(W) before a couple of losses at home to Baltimore (L) and at Tennessee (L) preceding a win at Denver (W).

It's those two losses that worry me much more about the fans than the team itself. It will mean they have to go at least 3 weeks without their team winning...and that's presuming things go right late in the season at likely snowy Invesco Field. That's the new definition of dry-spell for this team. Nice, isn't it?!!

So, when you're suffering the trials and tribulations of 3 weeks passing between victories, try to remember the kind of September we had...and gear up for some Post-Season Football with maybe even a home playoff game as a result of, dare I say it, an 11-5 record!

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