Sunday, September 11, 2011

Football on 9-11 Crushes the Grinch of Terrorism

This weekend we memorialize the tragic terrorist attack of 9-11 ten years ago. The date falls on Sunday, of the NFL's opening weekend.

Though the official kick-off to the football weekend is Thursday through the Monday Night Football game on September 12th, today is the day that we are officially back to football. Thursday night was like Christmas Eve: sure, everyone was saying "Merry Christmas", but the presents were still cloaked in wrapped anonymity beneath the tree at home. And while the socks from Aunt Clara were the one gift you were allowed to open, the good stuff was still waiting until the magic of Christmas morning.

Today is Christmas for football fans. Packers robes flanked by Lions slippers, morning coffee from a Cowboys's all good.

And like the Grinch hoping to gaze upon Americans wallowing in grief, terrorism instead witnesses something amazing. We honor those who died a decade ago on that fateful morning, but we celebrate with unabashed arrogance the spirit and passion of a lifestyle by which the terrorists are so threatened.

And there is no greater metaphor for the American spirit of teamwork and strategy, resiliency and endurance, and conquest through dedicated commitment and sacrifice than the great American game of football played at the highest level: The NFL!