Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Houston Texans Rank as Generals

The Houston Texans find more ways to lose games than the Washington Generals. And though there's no time to go globetrotting for excuses for the lapses, breakdowns, and failures, there ARE 6 weeks remaining for this team to prevent themselves from going down in the record books as losers.

Houston is not going to win the AFC-South. Perched way out here on my limb I'll share with you my rationale: Indianapolis is going to reel off six straight wins to complete their regular season at 12 - 4 (4 - 2 in the division). Houston will strongly compete at a pace of 4 - 2 to finish 8 - 8 (3 - 3), tied for second with Jacksonville who will stumble to a 2 - 4 conclusion of 8 - 8 (3 - 3). Tennesseee and it's Love Triangle Soap Opera of Vince Young, Jeff Fisher, and Bud Adams will limp out of 2010 1 - 5 to 6 - 10 and round out the division at 2 - 4.

8 - 8 will not yield an AFC team a WildCard-berth. The conference is too stacked with talented and successful teams. The precious two remaining spots in addition to the AFC's four division champions will likely be New York or New England (depending on which of the two takes the AFC-East) and Baltimore (behind likely AFC-North Champion Pittsburgh). But in a season of such heartbreaking losses despite a roster full of exciting talent and grand expectations, you can at least be glad the Houston Texans will not finish with a losing record.

Just know that finishing 8 - 8 is going to be accompanied with the following cold splash of reality: Bob McNair will keep Gary Kubiak as Head Coach. He'll probably announce it with a bucket of confetti whistling Sweet Georgia Brown!

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