Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Hope We're Doomed to Repeat History!

Last year the Houston Texans returned from a road game against the Jacksonville Jaguars with a head-scratching loss that put them at 5 - 7, but then won the next four games to finish with the first winning record in franchise history.

If the Texans can somehow manage to find a way to lose on the road this weekend (if you're picking up on the sarcasm, to quote David Spade in Tommy Boy,"I should hope so, because I'm laying it on pretty thick!") and fall to 4 - 5, but then win the next four games...they'll be 8 - 5 with a chance to win two of the three remaining games (at Tennessee, at Denver, Jacksonville) for a legitimate chance to make the playoffs with a 10 - 6 record.

If you think THAT'S ridiculous, tell me...what do you think of continuing to start Kareem Jackson!

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