Monday, November 22, 2010

Texans Fanbase Running on Empty

Your tank of enthusiasm for the Houston Texans is on "E".

The Texans are finding more ways to lose than the Washington Generals. Lackluster effort, poor game-planning, unimaginitive play-calling, giving up Hail Mary's, literally being the worst defense in NFL history...I could, as you know, go on and on and on.

The details of the loss at New Meadowlands yesterday to the New York Jets are a much less necessary discussion of what has gone wrong for the team than a conversation about what has to happen for the Houston Texans to ever be successful.

What you may now know is that the heartbreak of unfathomable losses, falling short of expectations, and the ability of the team to as easily either stoke the flames of failure as snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is a description of the Houston Texans with which ownership can live.

Why? Because the organization has what the league recognizes as one of the top run franchises in the NFL: One of a fan base comprised of unconditional and blind loyalty. Regardless of performance, the team will sell out Reliant Stadium and those present for the game will fill up on $8 beers and $10 hamburgers. Losing is really not a problem for this franchise's ownership.

If you the fan want a winning team in Houston, you cannot support one that loses the way the Texans do. Low attendance and apathy, even if only feigned, is the only thing that will get the attention of Bob McNair.

When it comes to having a reason in your tank to be excited about the Houston Texans, I know you want to yell, "Fill 'er up!"

Just know that it's Self-Serve...It's on you, Houston.

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