Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why You Love Your Texans

Can play with them. Can win with them. Can coach with them. Can do it.

This Sunday at High Noon the showers will have passed through, the sun will have come out, and the roof will be open for the first time this season. Oh, and the Houston Texans will wield a winning record for the first time this season, too. Count on it.

The offense, especially if allowed to play to its strengths, will have no problem putting up enough points to win, even against San Francisco's 10th-rated defense.

Only Oakland's offense, held to a pair of field goals three weeks ago at Reliant, is less productive than that of San Francisco. Despite flu-like symptoms, Bernard Pollard will rebound to join Robinson and Cushing in setting the tone this weekend for a victory that will be referred to on Monday as the franchise's greatest win. Here's why:

This football team has responded to disappointment not with discouragement, but encouragement and perseverance to a point of superior play on many fronts. To have so quickly rebounded from a 1 -2 start with no home wins in two attempts, to 4 - 3 with a chance to go one better against lowly Buffalo, is remarkable.

That's why we love this game, and why we love this team. Not just that they can be great, but they can still be great despite a tough start. That's why football is the quintesential emobodiment of the American spirit of teamwork, strategy, endurance, resiliency, and conquest through sacrifice. The Texans are as lucky to have you as you are to have them, and that's why this team is perfect for the city of Houston.

That's why you love your Texans!

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