Monday, October 26, 2009

Pass-Reliant Stadium

Finally. The Houston Texans are not force-feeding a running game with an offensive line challenged by loss of personnel and lack of experience. Matt Schaub lit up the 49ers defense in the first half with TD passes to Owen Daniels and Steve Slaton. He led another drive punctuated by a Steve Slaton rushing TD, giving them a 21 - 0 lead at the half.

Quin, Barber, Reeves, and Robinson provided a "bend, but don't break" defense of Michael Crabtree and the wily veteran Isaac Bruce for the first half. Coach Michael Singletary benched the struggling Shaun Hill who gave up a sack to both Zgonina and Williams. Alex Smith seized upon the availability of his tight end Vernon Davis in the seams down the middle of the field for 3 TDs in the 2nd half.

If not for a clutch 50-yard Kris Brown field goal halfway through the 4th quarter to increase Houston's lead to 24 - 14, the 49ers would have come back to tie the Texans. Coach Kubiak's team continues to struggle to put away teams, allowing potential comebacks with possessions forsaked by the now alarmingly all too familiar lost fumbles by Steve Slaton.

But the Texans hung on to win 24 - 21. For the first time in franchise history, they look to successfully defend the winning record they take into the month of November. They face the struggling Buffalo Bills before they then travel to still perfect Indianapolis.

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