Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Low Hanging Fruit in Orchard Park

The Houston Texans head to New York this week to take on the 3 - 4 Buffalo Bills. Both teams are looking to improve upon a two-game winning streak. For Houston, it is a chance to be 5 - 3 and taken seriously in the NFL. Both would be franchise firsts.

This game really comes down to Houston finally taking advantage of playing to its potential for 60 minutes, as opposed to playing down to the level of its competition. In front of the loyal Bills fanbase is no position to risk snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Buffalo's Quarterback Trent Edwards will not play because of a concussion, leaving Ryan Fitzpatrick (who?) at the helm of a team whose offensive line is decimated, running game is dismal, and receiving corp is anchored by the "he could blow any minute" underachieving Terrell Owens. Though Buffalo has made strides to strengthen its previously inexperienced linebacker positions via signings off the couch in September, they are still susceptible to Houston's potent passing attack and a potential break-out performance from the backfield.

The Texans are healthy, capable, and productive. Sound leadership from Schaub, ball security from Slaton and Brown, and continued excellence from the receivers will put 35 points on the board. Special Teams will maintain great field position. The continued cohesion of the defense will allow only 10 points.

This is a game the Texans could, should, and will win if they treat it like they respect themselves as much as they appreciate the opportunity to finally be taken seriously in the NFL. That would be a bountiful harvest with which to return from Orchard Park.

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