Thursday, October 1, 2009

Winning Back Fans Rests with The Defense

Defense wins Championships. There, I said it. Happy?

As someone who still wears a necklace with #80 around his neck based on my affection for flashy offense, I have long fought and refused the notion that anything other than well executed offensive strategies, schemes, and plays was responsible for Division victories, playoff seeding, and post-season success.

It was, I steadfastly held, inventive offenses, sexy sets, imaginative play calling, and athleticism that yielded first downs, sustained drives, big plays, and amazing scores. But I now stand before you a convert. Allow me to introduce to you the newest member of the combined congregation of The Disciples of Run Defense, The Temple of Pass Rush, The Church of Cornerbacks, The Benevolent Order of Nickelbacks, Safety Synagogue, The Divine Diocese of Da' Blitz, and Our Lady of Disguised Coverage.

The Offense is staying healthy and productive, appearing to be on track after stumbling out of the gate in the season opener. But without field position management and a majority of time of possession---both inarguably resulting more directly from defense than any other facet of the game---the efforts of our multiple Pro Bowl-talented players on the offensive side of the ball will be for naught, regardless of how many fun and exciting scores to which they treat us.

Our Defense takes to the field this Sunday in an attempt to prevent for the first time this season an opponent scoring at will. They gave up 31 points each of the last two games, and in a loss to a rookie quarterback in the season opener they yielded 24 points.The 1-2 Houston Texans host the 1-2 Oakland Raiders who average just half that with 12 points a contest. But when the 32nd best defense takes on the 31st best offense, you throw out the records, right? I can just see the marquee at Kirby and 610: Defensively Deficient vs. Offensively Challenged...Something's gotta give! Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

"As long as there are tests, there will always be prayer in school," states a semi-sarcastic argument in favor of allowing religion in public education. I pray our defense rises to the challenge of the test it will face this Sunday.

Let us bow our heads...

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