Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Open Letter to the Houston Texans from...Guess Who?

(No time left for you) On my way to better things

I've dedicated over 7 seasons to you, I'm done

(No time left for you) I found myself some wings

Despite the perpetually closed Reliant Roof, I'm flyin' the coop

(No time left for you) Distant roads are callin' me

Even the team on I-45 north of here looks good

No time for a summer friend

I've been burned by draft-choice potential

No time for the love you send

I'm tired of training camp promises

Seasons change and so did I

Summer's gone and so am I

You need not wonder why

Do you even need to ask why?

You need not wonder why

Seriously, you wonder why?

There's no time left for you

It's over

No time left for you

It's really over...

Unless you return home from Cincinnati victorious. In which case, I'll be sending you a Whole Lotta Love...Whole Lotta Love.

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