Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Will New Year Bring New Texans?

The Houston Texans will gaze into the abyss this weekend, challenged to face without blinking what is staring back at them. At 5 - 10 with only one game remaining this season, this team awaits the inevitable: their campaign's sad, final curtain upon the conclusion of their matchup versus the Jacksonville Jaguars on January 2nd.

Who would have thought back in September that this team stood a very good chance of losing more than twice as often as they won? But this has been the most disappointing season the city of Houston has ever been asked to endure by any of its professional sports franchises.

The Rockets falling to the Jazz in the Western Conference Championship in 1998 was nothing. The Astros getting swept in the World Series by the White Sox in 2005 does not compare either. Those premature ends to otherwise would-be championship seasons were not nearly as devastating as the 2010 Houston Texans effort (insert sarcastic joke here) because the Rockets and Astros competed but fell to better teams.

There's not a fan, analyst, coach or player that can deny the following: The Texans underachieved and shortchanged themselves on what could have been the most special year of football in the history of Houston. But they let it slip away. Over and over again they found ways to lose.

Now, with an off-season just 60 minutes of regulation play away and then only time to ponder what would could have been, and maybe even what should have been...How will this team perform? If history is any indication, they play best when they have nothing left to lose.

Just because the Houston Texans are staring into the abyss does not mean they have to play abysmal football. Never mind if Houston deserves to be in the NFL playoffs...let's find out if this team deserves to play football in Texas! This state holds the game of football to high standards. Here's hoping the New Year finds the home team in a position to have elevated theirs.

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