Thursday, July 29, 2010

P90X Rage

Don't look now, but you're being duped!

Haven't you heard? It's all about P90X these days. If you can't commit to an exercise and diet routine to attain a body reminiscent of a science book diagram of the human muscular system, then you just aren't worthy of a damn thing!

Let me get this straight. I've been doing it all wrong, huh? Swimming a mile several evenings a week, lifting weights 5 times a week, riding my bike 10 miles a morning 4 times a week, playing football and tennis in the Texas heat and the Houston humidity, all while participating in a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, grains, protein, lots of water, and limited carbs and sugar isn't going to get it done?

You don't need this new P90X fad if you've maintained freindships, personal relationships and a life of balanced perspective that does not require a date with your DVD-player and kitchen stool late at night long after the family has given up on getting any attention from you.

Here's the challenge I'm throwing out for all talkers: I'll out-run, out-swim, out-bike, out-lift, out-play, and out-hustle for an unbelievable play/shot/catch/jump any P90X user.

Bring It!

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