Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brett Favre is Not Retired!

The now perennial and practically ceremonial charade by Brett Favre has all the legitimacy of a Third World Presidential Election Victory Parade: We've seen it before, and we ought to have expected it!!!

I spoke to Brett 36 hours after he joined The Vikings last summer, and I asked him, "Brett, what's different now? What is it that you've learned about yourself with this new organization and your teammates, that even as an 18 year veteran, you didn't know a week and a half ago?" He gave a rambling ten-minute answer that rivaled any performance of the soliloquy from Shakespeare's Macbeth, but it also included a very simple, "Well, Mike, I learned that I CAN still play!"

And he was right, he balled all season! So far the most compelling story this Training Camp Season has to offer is Dez Bryant's soap opera evolving from PadGate to a high ankle sprain, T.O hookin' up with C.O., Albert Haynesworth "love spat" with Shanny, the trail left by L.T. in San Diego, and Darrell Revis holding out for more money in New York. Yawn.

You and I NOW know one thing: Brett Favre is not going to allow himself to be supplanted as the daily, ALL DAY, lead story of the NFL the rest of summer, and that as long as this story is reported with phraseology along the lines of "unnamed sources, under condition of anonymity, etc.", and until Brett's backside is on the couch on Kick Off Weekend...


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