Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cue Phil Collins: This Story is Against All Odds

I love sports. L O V E.

I've been a fan since I was 8. And by fan, I mean I was tormented by disappointment and delirious from success. I am also a long-time fan of creative expression that makes no apology for being unique. Couple that with my appetite to challenge contemporary and conventional wisdom, and I naturally gravitated toward the flavor of the nation's best sports commentary-themed radio show.

You know which one!

Realizing for a long time that I shared the same energy, enthusiasm, and creative element of the host and his loyal band of brothers that shared his vision, I dreamed of one day being in a position to contribute to the show.

I felt I was in the studio with him, "spotting" him lines and ideas just before he needed them. And then he spoke them! I watched him drop from the sky in a helicopter in Portland. I watched him improve his on-camera presence from one television production to the next, all the while knowing my true calling was to work with the best ever as he became the greatest there would ever be!

So I honed my craft, practiced interviewing legends, and wrote on things that were in people's sub-conscience, but had yet to realize they were thinking. And I got good at it. Really good.

When my preparation had simmered to a perfectly slow boil, I reached out. The host was impressed, both with my material and my perspective. The fact that I ferreted out a means by which to make contact with him favored me as well. It probably said something about initiative, as opposed to stalking or desperation. And I appreciate his distinction.

I suppose it would have been great if this had happened sooner, but...

You Can't Hurry Love.

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