Monday, April 12, 2010


2010: Twenty-Ten...

It's got a "half the distance to the goal" kind of "ring" to it, don't you think?

But, as you know, no matter how many times you're awarded half the distance to the goal, you never hit paydirt without delivering effort and execution on your part as well.

Can't you just smell, feel, and taste that the Texans are right there if a couple of things break their way this Draft and post-draft pre-season? What'll it be, and in what permutation: draft defensive bigs, or athletes? Or perhaps you prefer big beef up front on the O-line, or a running back witht the quicks to seize upon nicely executed blocking schemes? Do we then go out and round out the balance of our team's needs with cautious and heady free agent signings or shrewdly orchestrated trades? If the goal is a successful draft, off-season acquisitions, and a season that includes a playoff appearance, it's going to take effort and execution.

It's Twenty-Ten, make a good call!

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