Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey, Bartender...!

A week from tonight Houston and its Texans, hungry for the city's first playoffs victory since versus the Jets in 1991 and first playoffs appearance since losing to the Chiefs in 1993, set their sites on a successful season and playoffs participation.

They'll start by looking to have the most effective draft since 2006 when they picked up Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Eric Winston, and Owen Daniels. A draft with just half that efficiency will leave the team relatively "shored up" enough to compete for the AFC-South. Or, at least to be the biggest sibling to "Division Big Brother" Peyton's Colts.

First their needs: an offensive line...stay healthy and they'll have it. Running backs to hold onto the ball...nothing a little concentration can't solve. Defensive pass rush...better help in the secondary will fix that!

The Texans are projected to procure University of Texas standout #12! No, not that #12...their other #12: Earl Thomas. He'll join a productive and ascending defensive unit that wonderfully mixes youth, athleticism, and an ignorance of what they are too young to achieve with a maturity and experience to help them achieve it anyway. Thomas, Ryans, Cushing, Williams, Smith, Diles, Reeves, and "Bonecrusher" Pollard...? Bring back the House of Pain!

"Bartender...'Gimme draw' of that 2010 Draft!"

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