Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Paper Karnak

It's time once again for the The Paper Texan to don the paper turban:

The Texans will start off 6 - 0 in a season where they sweep the NFC-East and set the city on fire with ridiculous expectations of a SuperBowl appearance. Now the bad news: upon responding to a then tough road loss at Indy to beat the Chargers at home and stand firmly at 7 - 1, the Texans go 2 - 5 before a week #17 win at home versus the Jaguars.

They will post a franchise best 10 - 6, and lose on the road in their first ever playoff game.

Despite the amazing start, the sweep of the NFC-East, finally splitting their division, and making it to the post-season, naysayers will call for the firing of Smith and Kubiak.

They will not be fired, and the Texans will continue forward, onward, and upward!

In my best Ed McMahon, sounding a bit too much like Marv Albert, "Yes!"

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