Monday, November 9, 2009

Texans Get Smart

They say that failure is the best teacher. The Houston Texans have had their tassle moved from one side of their cap to the other so many times it resembles the motion of a windshield wiper. The Texans are a veritable PhD. in Disappointing Losses!

Fighting back against the Indianapolis Colts from a 13-0 deficit with a 56 yard field goal going into halftime, the Texans looked like a team ready to tear off the corner, rather than merely turn it. Two more touchdowns and they led their nemesis 17 - 13 in the 4th quarter on the road.

Tough defense and maybe even getting into the heads of the Colts (they felt they had to use a trick play: an intercepted pass off a halfback option!) looked like Matt Schaub was going to lead his team to a tie in regulation, or pehaps even a win.

If not for a Moats fumble on the 1 yard line earlier in the contest, the Texans would have been playing to preserve the win...not snatch it. The coaching staff with the equipment and knowledge to have advised the sideline to run a quick play to avoid a review was remiss in their responsibility. They would have earned the game ball in this victory, but...

The Texans are the greatest good team in the league. They were "right there" when it came to beating Indy on the road for the first time in franchise history. As Maxwell Smart would have said, "Missed it by that much."

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