Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orange You Glad You Have an NFL Team?

I have heard for 8 years how the city of Houston deserves better than their Texans.

I have said for 8 years the Houston Texans deserve better than this city's fans. I can prove it to you. A week from now on Monday night under the bright lights of national exposure that is Monday Night Football, the seats will be half-empty at Kick-Off. And once Reliant Stadium is as full as its going to get, 25% of the seats will be occupied by bitter, burnt-orange-wearing humanity cheering for Vince Young as he tries to lead the once-Oilers to a victory against the team that passed on him in the 2006 NFL Draft. At least the Buffalo Bills got the finger from Titans owner Bud Adams. Reliant's occupants will be giving it to their own team!

Your team will be "V.Y."-ing for Wild Card contention for the next 6 weeks, and this game means everything as far as getting off on the right foot. Will the city finally prove it deserves the privilege of an NFL franchise? Or will it point out excuses masquerading as explanations as to why they did not?

Lose the collegiate colors. This is "big-boy" football. Act like you belong in the elite club of cities that has an NFL team. Cheer for your team, not the visiting team's quarterback.

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