Monday, November 30, 2009

Texans Still Servin' Turkeys

The yucky weather has arrived, and it's too late to take advantage of a beautiful opportunity to put the lights up. "That's O.K." you told yourself as you settled into squandering 3 hours of "honey do" prime time yesterday to watch the Houston Texans. Great start, disheartening lapses, and predictable finish as they relinquish an early 17 - 0 lead to fall 35 - 27 to the Indianapolis Colts. And the lights are still in that tangled mess somewhere in the garage.

The AFC WildCard race is still in contention. And as long as it is, the Houston Texans will play disappointingly. Once any chance at the post-season is mathematically eliminated, they will play loose and more effectively.

But that could take a couple of more weeks.

Jacksonville next week, on the road. Anybody care? Good. That's just what the Texans need to start playing better.

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