Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Price of Success

The price of success is the expectation of continued achievement, and the bill begins to accrue immediately.

The Houston Texans' defeat of division nemesis Indianapolis resulted in a well-deserved moment of congratulations among players, coaches, and executives. They then turned their attention towards this weekend for the season's first road game in week #2 against the also 1-0 Washington Redskins.

A nationally televised Sunday afternoon game that leads into The NFL on CBS post-game show is a tremendous opportunity for the nation to finally recognize the merit of the Houston Texans. Highlighted will be a review of their week #1 victory over Manning and the Colts, and what that represented, but only if the team showed maturity for a road victory in front of a crowd 30% larger than that which they play in front of in Houston. That's what it will take for the Texans to return home 2-0 for only the second time in franchise history to face the under-performing Dallas Cowboys.

And therein lies the challenge. The coaches have got to deliver on preparation, and the players on dedication, consistency, and continuity of teamwork and execution...all while maintaining and building on resiliency, resolve, and reaction to the challenges of winning on the road.

If they are successful, theirs will be a victory with a reward of immense hunger to host Dallas in week #3 of the regular season as they did in week #3 of the pre-season: With a complete thrashing!

Hey Houston Texans...Get your wallets out!

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