Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fans' Reaction to Texans' Suspensions Reveal True Sentiment: Just Win Baby!

Remember when the Houston Texans were pure as the wind-driven snow and losers? Then they were lovable and stuck in win-lose purgatory with two consecutive .500 seasons? Not 100 days after completion of the first winning season in franchise history, Brian Cushing illustrated that innocence is the first casualty of success in the NFL when he revealed he had tested positive for banned substances, and was handed down a 4-game suspension.

Now, not even 100 hours after the franchise's first overtime victory enroute to a 2 - 0 beginning to a promising season, Duane Brown is accepting and beginning sentence immediately on his 4-game suspension for banned substances.

I'm waiting to hear from a single Houston Texans fan that it will negatively impact either their feelings or allegiance to the team. Conveniently pointed out is that there were no victims or reckless behavior that potentially threatened people other than themselves. No DUIs, no domestic abuse charges, no drug dealing, etc.

But the team, if only because of a couple of players, is being reasonably identified as comprised of some who, at worst, will do whatever it takes to win. And, at best, will not take into account the benefits of leveraging every organization-provided advantage available to ensure that they avoid unfortunate test results.

Houston Texans---you're better than that.

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