Thursday, May 20, 2010

BP Spill at Texans OTAs

You've heard about the BP spill, gushing and spewing forth liquid energy threatening to impact everything and everyone with whom it comes in contact.

I'm talking about, of course, Bernard Pollard. He provided the soundtrack of enthusiasm for the Houston Texans at their organized training activities. Gutteral barks and roaring approval for drills, assignments, and effort by his teammates filled the air. This city was concerned about the void that would be left by the departure of the spirited Dunta Robinson. I'm here to report the void has been filled and our cup runneth over. No blowout preventer is going to put a cap on Pollard's intensity.

A seasoned veteran amp'd up to be on the field for voluntary workouts, #31 was leading by example. Other respected players were present and performed, but with a relatively subdued and casual style. Pollard and his presence transcended the event. He rode the stationary bike between drills, treated the blocking sled like you'd do Delonte West after finding his name in your mother's cell phone, and ruled the day with a fevered pitch just above that of a Pantera concert.

He spoke to me of the need for the team to be hungry, demand respect, and if it's not given...TAKE IT! I brought up the slow start of the squad in 2009, and asked who the leader of the defense is. BP confidently responded, "We're ALL leading by example. We're going to hit the ground running Week 1!"


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