Thursday, December 31, 2009

Won More

One more game to complete the 2009 regular season.

When the Houston Texans host the New England Patriots Sunday at Reliant, much will be riding on a season finale against an opponent that all recognize has much more to gain by resting its star players than by risking injury prior to the start of what has shaped up to be the most challenging post-season of their gilded era.

The Texans can finish with a winning record for the first time in franchise history, save Coach Kubiak from being fired, and build upon the valuable experience of perseverance towards a season in 2010 that finally takes them to the post-season.

The playoffs for this year aren't a mathematical impossibility, they just require the two losses by the Jets, Ravens, or Broncos. Not likely, but certainly possible. And because all of the games these three teams play are after the conclusion of the Texans game, a win will mean that for the first time ever Houston will have completed a season still in the running for the playoffs. That's alot to play for.

Here's hoping the Texans resolve to play to their potential, and adhere to the principles of Texans Ethics:

1. Live each day with courage---don't be afraid to be your best.
2. Take pride in your work---it usually results in excellence.
3. Finish what you start---how about a full 60 minutes, fellas.
4. Do what has to be done---execute.
5. Be tough, but be fair---play with sportsmanship, but don't roll over.
6. If you make a promise, keep it---deliver on the potential of this team.
7. Ride for the brand---you're representing Houston, we're a proud city...
8. Talk Less, Say more---play between the whistles and get it done.
9. Know when to draw the line---aren't you tired of not being a winner?
10. Remember some things aren't for sale---leave it all on the field

One more win to have won more than ever.

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