Monday, December 14, 2009

I Told You So!

O.K., Texans Fans: Here goes nothing!

The next two weeks on the road for our Texans pose opponents whose total wins combined do not come close to what our lovable 6 - 7 underachievers should have tallied by now: This Sunday in St. Louis versus the 1 - 12 Rams, then on to Miami against the currently 7 - 6 Dolphins.

On the road this season is where this team has done its best job focusing on the task at hand. They can return home to Houston with an 8 - 7 record to host the by then likely AFC-East Division clinching Patriots who will have more to gain by resting their stars than by risking injury to them prior to what will be the most challenging post-season of their guilded era.

Think about it...9 - 7 ! It may not guarantee playoffs, but it will be the organization's best record in franchise history, clemency for our coach currently being fitted with comfortable shoes for the Green Mile, and hope that maybe, just maybe, they can build on their first winning season towards a season with its first playoff victories.

Like I said, "Aqui nada va!" It's fun to sing it to the tune of "Feliz Navidad". Go ahead, try it. I dare you. You'll be singing it all day long!

See...I told you so!

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