Monday, August 8, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...Your 2011 Houston Texans!

Colts Home Loss 0-1

Dolphins Away Win 1-1

Saints Away Loss 1-2

Steelers Home Loss 1-3

1-3 for the first quarter of season

Raiders Home Win 2-3

Ravens Away Loss 2-4

Titans Away Win 3-4

Jaguars Home Win 4-4

3-1 for the second quarter of season

Browns Home Win 5-4

Buccaneers Away Loss 5-5

Jaguars Away Win 6-5

Falcons Home Loss 6-6

2-2 for the third quarter of season

Bengals Away Win 7-6

Panthers Home Win 8-6

Colts Away Loss 8-7

Titans Home Win 9-7

3-1 for the final quarter of season

At 9-7, the Houston Texans in their tenth season for the first time have a winning record in their division (4-2), and have only their second ever winning record overall, but once again fail to make the playoffs. Bob McNair says he cannot in good conscience fire a coach who has delivered a winning product for him and the city of Houston.

You heard it here first, of course!

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