Friday, February 4, 2011

Super-Bowling for Combine

I know you judge the success of the NFL in your city of Houston by the success (or lack thereof) of your hometown Texans, but I have a thought for you as sobering and every bit as disheartening as it is for a 7-year old to hear there in fact is no Santa Claus:

It does not matter if your Houston Texans NEVER make the playoffs, much less WIN a post-season game for the Bayou City to be a strong contributor to the continued dominance and success of the NFL. The only thing it takes for an NFL city to be tenable is a fan base that loves football. I did not say the fan base has to love its team, and for the record, for the moment you do. All the people have to do is love the product that is the world's highest level of professional football, and given its availability, they will stand in line on Sunday to slurp it up.

100 days from now for the 2011 NFL Draft you are going to be settled around your HD Flat Screen or at a local bar on an uncomfortable stool surrounded by comforting waitstaff serving watered down draft beer as you watch the Houston Texans select their team's next player. Don't believe me? To quote John Bender (John Hughes fan---sue me!), "I'll bet you a million dollars you are."

But before the draft you will be showing your friends your original formula for analysis of the athleticism of this year's rookie class, based on what you saw at the combine in Indy. So, while some may point to this weekend as the end of the 2010 season, you and I know it's really just the beginning of the continuation of the glorious continuum that is the NFL circle of life!

So put on the most garish garment of your local lanes' wardrobe and yell like there's no tomorrow for a "7 - 10 Split", because we're going Super-Bowling for Combine!

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