Monday, January 17, 2011

New York Jets' Glitter is Fools' Gold, and Bears Town Will Shy from Challenge

To quote Marshall Mathers..."Snap, Back to Reality"

The Houston Texans are out, and only teams vying for post-season glory remain. Let's stop cryin', lyin', and dyin' about what could have been, and instead talk intelligently about those who have earned a right to be in that conversation.

How funny is it that one of the two lanes on the road to the Superbowl goes through Chicago because after a BYE-week the Bears were able to pound at Soldier Field a Seattle Seahawks playoff team with a regular-season losing record? They now will host a suddenly healthy, resurgent, capable and dangerous Green Bay Packers team next week at the NFC Championship for their second chance at the Lombardi Trophy in 4 years.

And how peculiar is it that second year quarterback Mark Sanchez is returning to the AFC Championship in as many years, the Jets needing one more post-season road victory as they visit Pittsburgh after winning on the road both in Indy and then at Foxboro? Weird, right? Rex Ryan writing "Superbowl Bound" on Mort & Adam's Training Camp RV seems a little less delusional that it did a few weeks ago when the Patriots trounced the Jets 45 - 3, doesn't it? Nonetheless, the blue-collar Steelers will prevail over the glitz of the sons of Broadway Joe.

Green Bay and Aaron Rogers will bring Chicago down to earth with a thud - "Whoops, there goes gravity!" - and Pittsburgh will unapologetically ruin Fireman Ed's cheer at Heinz Field.

The Packers and Steelers will achieve the honor of representing the NFL in this year's Superbowl, with Cheese Country finally exercising the ghost of Brett Favre with their new franchise quarterback Aaron Rogers who takes home the MVP award for the game.

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