Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Balancing Act of Olympic Proportion

It's football. It's always been football. And it will always be football. Anything else is blatantly but mere filler. This week the NFL Combine takes place in Indianapolis to dissect the talent and project the potential of the country's best college football players who have declared themselves eligible for the 2010 Draft.

I know it's going to be difficult, but try to balance your excitement for the Olympics, anticipation of baseball, imminent March Madness, and the jostling for NBA playoff seeding with an appreciation for a real balancing act: The art of managing your emotional and visceral response to players at the combine with your cerebral recognition of what your team needs.

The business of football is one that calls for an exact science when there is none. That glaring deficiency is never more obvious than when reflecting on the results of the combine, upon which heavily rest decisions made in the Draft. Ultimately the question is, "Do we pick the best athlete, best football player, or best position player who fulfills our team's needs?"

It's enough to make your head swim. Example-based theories for all arguments abound, as does reasonable criticism of the eventual choice. But understand this: the foundation for success for a Houston Texans 2010 campaign begins this week. It's a balancing act of Olympic proportion!

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