Friday, September 11, 2009

NFL Threatens Blackouts...We need Whiteout!

An NFL city whose franchise fails to sell out its games will have its fans suffer not having the game broadcast on local TV: Blackout!

It is time the Houston Texans spill Whiteout all over the game plan for the season they told us we could expect, because the current blueprint is obviously inadequate. A Rookie Quarterback with the confidence to win, a legend-delivered pep talk, a running back with the desire to run AND hold on to the football and a "get after it" denfense whose mindset transcended the entire Jets roster were the ingredients for the most disappointing Houston Texans season opener, at home no less, in some time.

Jets had 5 times the rushing that finished at 190 yards, 150% more passing, they doubled up the Texans on first downs (evenly spread across rushing and passing), a conversion ratio success that surpassed that of the missionaries visiting the new world with twice the efficiency on 3rd down, and going 2 for 2 on 4th down vs. an 0-1 uninspired half-hearted attempt by the Texans that elicited well deserved boos and jeering from the home crowd.

Even a Busing-created turnover with an interception was put on the ground, luckily scooped up by Barber and ran in for a touchdown that put the Texans on the board for a 24-7 Texans loss that saw their highpowered, talented offense shut out!

Joe Namath told me, "Well, it started with the tone set by our defense" and the protection Mark got from the O-line, and then him just relaxing, playing with poise, and executing. Other than Mark Sanchez's one mistake of an interception, from which he bounced back nicely, he played an outstanding game.

The Texans D-line was manhandled and the secondary was outrun, outsmarted, and outhearted. Their offensive line was ignored, their running backs abused, and their Quarterback as flustered as he was irrelevant.

Hey, Office Depot...We need some Whiteout!

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