Thursday, August 27, 2009

Houston Texans' Line in the Sand

Not since the line drawn in the sand at the Alamo has the commitment required of those present been more clear.

Send a message to Jared Allen and the rest of the NFL that the Houston Texans QB is not their red-headed step-child to be abused at will. With Monday arrives Monday Night Football, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Sage Rosenfels, and the national spotlight to see if, among other things, the Texans are ready to step up to the challenge of deserving recognition as a team on the verge of doing great things.

Just as Burt Reynolds' Paul "Wrecking" Crew saw the value of delivering a message from Mean Machine to The Guards in the form of drilling a D-Lineman with a powerful spiral to the "equipment locker", so to speak, the O-Line should do whatever it takes to play as mean as necessary to protect Matt Schaub. Holding, Personal Fouls, Offsides...I don't care. Tee off on #69 (Dude, you're not on a beer-league softball team!) and send a message to the rest of the league that our QB is as valuable and important to us as the other protected personnel throughout the league.

The biggest challenge to success for the Texans during their entire tenure in the league has been their lack of confidence, as a team, that they deserved to be truly competing. They would graciously accept from opponents their last minute snatches of defeat from the jaws of victory, but never really consistently laid the wood with the attitude that there's a new sherriff in town...and his name is Reggie Hammond. Ya'll be cool...right on!

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